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You can still help by donating money to save Oaken Wood 

In the run up to the public enquiry The Woodland Trust needs your support!.


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  1. Complete the Oppose Oaken Wood Development Email; or
  2. Join the Facebook petition group

They are both quick and easy.

Existing Objections

These include some great points to support your objection.

KCC application and plans

Application details, surveys, plans for Hermitage Quarry/ Oaken Wood


Woodland Trust Oaken Wood Campaign

The Guardian Oaken Wood Article

The BBC article on Oaken Wood

Surveys from KCC site

Contacts regarding Oaken Wood

ALL objections should be made in writing, or via email to:

Planning Applications
1st floor, Invicta House
County Hall
Kent ME14 1XX

Further guidelines can be found on the KCC Planning Applications Website.


Miss Angela Watts
Planning Applications Group
Kent County Council
First Floor, Invicta House
County Hall
Kent ME14 1XX or 01622 221059

At Gallagher

Please put your energy into opposing the application with KCC NOT Gallagher; their application has already been submitted.

  • Pat Gallagher, Chairman
  • Nick Yandle, Chief Executive
  • Martin Hobbs, Managing Director, Aggregates, Concrete & Landfill

Write to

Gallagher Group
Leitrim House
Little Preston
ME20 7NS

Telephone on 01622 716543 or Fax to 01622 882366, or email or


Email with any comments or thoughts.